Glitter and Glass is a powerful and raw memoir chronicling Laura’s rollercoaster life. The book delves into the darkest aspects of human experience, exploring failed marriages, mental disorders, polyamory, and attempted murder. As Laura's relationships with men become fraught with disappointment and danger, she perseveres in the face of adversity.

Through her trials, Laura triumphs and redefines herself, becoming the rock and provider she had been seeking all along. Glitter and Glass is a compelling read for those interested in personal narratives of survival, resilience, and self-discovery, reminding readers that it is possible to overcome harrowing circumstances and find strength within oneself.

About Ms. Lux

Throughout her life, Laura has navigated a series of tumultuous relationships, acquiring six last names in the process—two of which she took on twice. By the time she reached The Kraken (you’ll have to read the book), her story had taken on a darkly humorous tone, prompting him to bestow upon her the Bond-girl name, Ms. Lux. Derived from the Latin word for light, "Lux" signifies the resilience and steadfastness that can be found even amid chaos.


Laura resides in Southern California and has five amazing children, two adopted canines, Zoe and Hansel, and no regrets.


In addition to her personal triumphs, Ms. Lux has built an impressive career as a Registered Nurse, though that is a tale she reserves for another time.